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We Will Soon Be Supplying Some Pet Shops! And Some Upgrades To The Kits.

High Grade Insects will soon have our medium 3 drawer mealworm and superworm kits in some pet shops around the uk and have upgraded the kits to look more professional for retail stores.

From the 15th of november all kits will have a more professional look with all the items in the kits glued to a printed cardboard printout as follows:

There is also calcium included in the kit and another printout added. There are now printouts for the superworm breeding kit with more upgrades coming asap. We will continue to improve and upgrade the kits where possible.

We will release a list of stores we are in when we have finalised the deals and add many more stores in future! If you own a store would like to stock any of our kits please contact me @ Displays and boxes with graphics on will also be provided.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered from and supported HGI. The company wouldn't have grown without your support!.

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