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Mealworm Breeding Set Up Diary Day 15 (Silver 14L Kit)

First i cleaned up the mealworm draw and picked out another 42 pupa bringing the total to 92!

I then added fresh cucumber.

Then i noticed i now have my fist beetles in the bottom draw! The brown ones must have hatched from pupa 12+ hours ago or they would look white like the other one.

So i made up the top draw ready for the beetles. They will live in this draw because it is meshed on the bottom allowing the eggs they lay to hatch in the drawer below.

I made some custom hides and a food bowl which i put some cucumber in from the clay provided. You can paint the clay if you want. I also added a egg crate.

I added the 6 beetle to the top draw where they will start laying eggs in a few days and i can start producing mealworms!

I now have 86 pupa and 6 beetles.

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