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Mealworm Breeding Diary Day 20 Update, Lots Of Beeltes!

I Cleaned out the bottom draw with the pupa in and pulled out another 56 beetles and moved another 61 pupa from the middle larvae draw.

I put the 56 beetles in the top draw with the 6 i already have bringing the beetle total to 62!

As i now have 62 beetles ready to breed i clean out the bottom trey and put the pupa in another pot to develop while using the draw they were in to collect eggs that fall threw the mesh layed by the beetles in the top draw.

The tower has now been rearranged with the pupa developing into beetles in a tub on the top of the unit.

The beeltes are in the top draw as it is meshed so the eggs fall threw and hatch in the drawer below.

The middle draw is empty ready for eggs. Small bits of bran will fall threw the mesh with the eggs.

The larger larvae will continue to grow and form into pupas in the bottom draw.

Pupa in tub now and not in bottom draw.

I cleaned out the bottom larvae draw and fed potato.

62 beeltes now in top draw. still seems like theres hardly any in there but each female beetle will lay around 500 eggs over 8 weeks!

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