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Mealworm Breeding Case Study Diary Large Kit Day 1. How To Set Up The Kit

First I add mealworms and one of the bags of bran to the middle drawer.

The top drawer is meshed, I widd add the beetles to that drawer when they hatch from the pupa in a few weeks.

The eggs from the beetles layed in the top drawer will fall threw the mesh and hatch in the lower drawer keeping beeles from eating eggs and young larvae (Mealworms)

I added the mealworms and wheat bran to the middle drawer.

Then I added some vegetables to the drawer so the mealworms can get some moisture and nutrents.

Mealworms eat before sheading there exoskeleton and growing!

I will update this diary once a week to show you how to use the kit and breed mealworms.

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