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Kit Set Up & Breeding Meal worms, 3 Tier Method

How to breed meal worms using the 3 tier method

What you will need (every thing listed is inclueded in the kit)

The top trey is cut out and meshed so the beetle eggs will filter down into the lower trey. This stops the eggs from being eaten by the beetles.

1- secure 3 tier unit 2-mealworms 3-oats 4-tweezers 5-gloves

Setting up the tower If you are not using one of the kits im selling on ebay you will need to cut out the bottom of the top trey and replace it with a strong mesh and use a glue gun to secure the mesh.

If you are using a kit just pour some oats in the top and middle treys for sub strait and food. also add a moisture source. This can be a vegetable or fruit like apple or tomato, you can also use bug gel.

Beetles go in the top draw

 Each female beetle will lay around 500 eggs! Eggs hatch after 4 to 10 days depending on temperature.

Mealworms in the middle

The mealworms will pupa within 3 weeks if given enoth food and warm temperature.

Pupa at the bottom

Pupa will take around 5 to 10 days to complete metamorphosis and become a beetle!.

Now your set up is ready. When you have enoth beetles laying you will have mealworms in no time. They are very hard to spot when just hatched but can be seen with the naked eye. They will grow very fast when fed a good diet.

This set up and easily supply all the mealworms 1 to 3 bearded dragons need.

You can also selectively breed your own type of mealworm beetles as is is not uncommon to get a beetle that's extra large or small or differently coloured.

You can alternatively rotate the middle and bottom trays every 2 weeks for more mealworms! Just keep the pupa in another container till they hatch.

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