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Guide on how to easily pupae morio worms (Zophobas Morio) (Lots of beetles)


To get Zophobas morio larva known as superworms or morio worms to pupae, They have to be separated from each other before they begin the process. They also have to be at least 2 months old.The process takes around 3-4 weeks to complete metamorphosis from adult larva to beetle once separated. Below is a cheap and easy way to do it.

What you will need

1-Tape (any tape will do)2-tweezers (optinal)3-plant seeding trey (must be deep) 4-adult morio worms.

The process

The holes must be patched on the inside and taped over on the outside both longways and width ways to secure the planting tray.

Put each worm in there own pod. Feeding is not needed as they have all the energy they need to complete metamorphosis at this size.

When done each worm should be secure in its own pod. i have only done 8 but it is very easy to scale up this system to produce 100s or more!

After 5 days

some of the worms are starting to curl up, this is how we know its ready to pupa and will look like a white alien in a few more days.

2 Weeks 

The worms will be mostly pupa.

they darken and there legs and eyes become highlighted as they near the beetle stage of there life cycle.

When they have pupated they have to be put in a more secure container as beetles might be able to climb out of your trey! 

3 weeks+

Your beetles will start hatching.

They will be light colored for a week or so before turning black.

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