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Feeding Mealworms Enriched Vs Basic Diet (Scientific Case Study) Day 1 Set Up (Trenbilo Molitar)

HGI will now be doing scientific study's to find out the most efficient way of breeding insects as there is much disinformation out there in YouTube videos and on the web about keeping insects, Such as Beetles can get all the moisture they need from carrots (in the wild they drink rain drops), insects do not need a protein or calcium source (they will engage in Cannibalism of small larvae and eggs if not given a protein source), and much more!.

We will aim to show the best practices of breeding insects via case study blogs and via videos as we now have a 1080p webcam. Will also be investing in a microscope asap so we can do studies on the insect eggs to try and increase hatching times!

In this study we will aim to see the effects of a enriched diet vs a basic diet has on growing and pupating speeds of approx. 4 week old mealworm larvae.

How The Study Will Be Done-

~There will 2 tubs of equal weight tub A and tub B both 65g (was not easy getting that spot on)

~Weighing will be done every 2 days by weighing the tubs with out food (will be sieved and cleaned with tweezers) and also 10 worms picked at random.

~Tub A will be fed a wide verity of fruit and vegetables as well as calcium powder for exoskeleton health and egg powder for protean and minerals and wheat bran.

~Tub B will be fed wheat bran and carrots only which is standard for most people and company's.

~temperature will be the same for both tubs and they will be kept next to each other (28oc Degrees Celsius)

Quick Facts

~Mealworms are approx. 4-6 weeks old

~Mealworms were raised in the same tub

~only a few flakes of food were in the tubs once weighed for the first time

Day 1


Tub A ~ 65 grams, random 10 ~ 0.76 grams

Tub B ~ 65 grams, random 10 ~ 0.80 grams

~I fed tub A Apple, Potato Mushroom and a small bit off carrot with some bran and 1 pistachio nut also a small dusting of calcium powder and egg powder after taking the pics

~I fed tub B carrot and wheat bran

~Both tubs Have enough food that they can eat as much as they like with food weighing approx. the same.

~They seem to like the apple the most!

To be updated in 2 Days! please subscribe for more!

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