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Mealworm Diet Experiment Case Study Day 13 Update, First Pupa In Tub A!

Update day 13 of the mealworm diet case study experiment. In this update we have a pupa in tub A and lots more sheds in tub A vs tub B!

This is strong evedence that diet plays a key role in breeding mealworms!

Tub A is also nearly 6g heavyer than tub B!

This week i will be feeding tub A wheat bran apple, grapes, calcium powder and egg powder. Tub B will be fed wheat bran and carrot. Both tubs will get fed same weighs.

Note: the insects are kept in large drawers and put in tubs only to weigh. I will take the pupa out of tub A to keep it safe from being nibbled on and put it back in on ned weighing day in 5 days.

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