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Copy of How To Breed Meal Worms Kit Blog Case Study (Part1)

In this blog i will log how to use HGI (now registered as REPTEC LTD) Breeding kits.

I will update the blog every 3 days to show you how fast and easy it is to breed mealworms using the 3 tier meshed method along with a bunch of tips and tricks along the way.

I try to include beetles and pupa in the kits but for the sake of the blog i will start out with just larvae (meal worms).

All Reptec/HGI kits come with clay as standard and you can make your own designs.

Day 1

I used this info-graphic to set up my kit

I added oats for sub straight and food and added a sliced tomato for food/moisture

I added the meal worms

Hungry meal worms quickly smell out the tomato slices

They soon completely cover the tomato slices

Day 4

I made a food bowl with the clay provided and added some carrots a raspberry and a grape

There are no pupa yet

mealworms smell out the food fast, they will get all the moisture they need from fruits and vegetables (note: you can feed them only carrot and oats and they will do just fine)

In there larva stage live to eat and grow, they will stop eating for a day to shed there exoskeleton so they can grow. Then they will carry on eating.

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