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Business Update For The New Year

I have now cleared the order backlog built up over new years but due to the latest lockdown and maybe Brexit my suppliers are out of stock on some things and sending very slow on others so i sent what i could and sent some bigger/ different style units out. If anyone is not completely happy with what i have sent out please contact me i will sort it out, got a bit mixed up with quite a few orders backed up. Sorted now tho.

I am booked into the princes trust enterprise course at the end of this month and will be refocusing the business after that to offer 2 sized kits for 5 to 7 different insect spices. The kits will be larger and i will only be doing small kits in batches.

I also want to start selling scorpions and tarantulas again.

Thanks to every one who has signed up to the mailing list (well over 100 now) i will be emailing you with nice discount coupon codes for the new products when they launch.

The princes trust is a charity that supports young people starting a business with grants, a £5000 loan, business mentor and a 4 day business course (starting the 24th jan)

Thanks to the princes trust!

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