Insect Details:

This kit includes live Waxworms to start your colony. The mealworms are well packaged and can surive more than 4 weeks in tavel! (ETA uk mainland:3-5 working days).


Waxworms are a common nutritious feeder insect for many reptiles fish birds and mammals. High in Fat Calcium and Protein This insect is a grate feeder insect that douse not need to be dipped in calcium powder and provides healthy fat your pet needs that many other insects are very low in.


Waxworms are also one of the easiest cleanest and most pleasant insect to keep and breed needing a diet of only honey and producing no smell and completing there life cycle in as little as 6 weeks!


Waxmoths and worms Like a temperature of 26-34oc for best results (heat lamp and mat included).


Feed set and unset honey, bees wax and bees polien as this insect has evolved to survive and thrive in abandoned bee hives (bees reguly migrate and leave nests).


Kit Details:

1-Custom breeding tower with glass viewing and moth flying area, built in heat bulb, heat max,

custom removable trey feature for easy access to waxworms and pupa and climbing platform

for moths to rest on and waxworms to climb up it and spin there wax cocoons ready to pupa.
1- Bag oats for sub straight/food

1-jar of honey for food
3- Tubs of Waxworms
1- Pair of gloves
1- Tweezers

1-Custom tower feature

1-Spray bottle

1-Heat mat

1-Heat bulb


1-Info and care booklet


Product Description:

This is a high quality custom made waxworm breeding vivarium designed 100% for breeding wax worms and moths. The vivarium comes with built in heat bulb to attract your moths to breed and then lay eggs in the honey and oat sub straight.


You can access your sub straight trey without taking the lid off the vivarium via the custom made trey feature, This allows easy accesses to waxworms and pupa.


The heat mat can be slid under the trey door to heat up the trey and sub straight to help speed up the life cycle of the waxworms to a maximum of 6 weeks from egg to waxworm to moth!.


With each female waxmoth laying between 300-600 within 5 days of mating, In the eggs in the honey you can produce 1000s of waxworms very quickly. You can take young waxmoths out the vivarium via the trey and grow them in a separate container and add fresh sub straight to the trey to produce maximum worms.


The vivarium comes with a stick proof metal trey to hold your sub straight and waxworms that can easily be taken in or out of the vivarium.

The vivarium is meshed with strong fibreglass mesh as with the lid for best possible air flow with 100% guaranteed security!


Waxworms and moths are very clean insects with almost no smell!


Key Features:

-100% Customised for breeding flying insects


-Built in heat bulb


-Heat mat


-Glass flying area with heat bulb to attack flying insects so they will mate


-Glass flying area so flying insects can fly

-Saves money on feeding pets


-Make money selling access insects on ebay!


-Healthy nutritious live food for your pets


-Have easy access to the right size inects


-Selectively breed your own worms for bigger/smaller worms

-Fun and educational

-Entertainment from observing and feeding the insects

-No smell

-Low maintenance


-100% safe


Directions for use:
To set up your kit you will fist need to prepare the substrate for the insects to eat and lay eggs, To do this just mix some honey and oats in the sub straight trey, then add the worms. In the wild wax worm diet is 100% honey, bees wax, bee polen and bee waste so they are happy to just be fed honey.


You may want to use the spray bottle to dilute the honey very slightly and mist occasionally to stop the honey drying out as the heat mat will evaporate the moisture in the honey over time.


The 100% honey method can be tricky however as if you get the honey oats and water mix wrong your worms will try to leave the vivarium looking for food or if the mix is to wet waxworms will drown. I would reccomend feeding a mix of bee wax, polen and set and unset honey without oats for best results but is more costly.


Now you want to set up you vivarium, all you need to do is add your trey via the trey slot or take off the lid then add the climbing platform, finally connect the heat light and heat matt and your all set up!


When your worms are ready after around 2 weeks or less they will climb the tower and spin wax cocoons and pupate into moths over the next few weeks. Keep pupa warm to speed up the metamorphous time.


When your pupa have hatched into moths they will breed and lay eggs in the honey oat mixture.

Waxworm Breeding Kit