Kit Details:
1- smaller 3 tier breeding tower with strong metal mesh to seperate and sort worms from beetles
500g- of clay (Please see blog on website for ideas on using clay)
500g- of wheat bran for sub straight/food
150-  morio worms
30- pots to seperate the superworms so they pupae
1- Pair of gloves
1- Tweezers

Useing The Kit:
This kit includes every thing you need to get started breed morio worms. Please note I am still working on on a info booklet but much info can be found on youtube and online!

Save money and time with this kit by produceing your own live food!

This kit is set up so eggs laid by the beetles hatch in the lower trey keeping them seperate from the beetles who may eat them and small larvae.

Included is 30 pots as you will need to seperate the morio worms from each other so they pupate into beetles.

Keep a thick layer of oats or wheat bran in each drawer as the beetles will lay eggs on the bran and worms like to burrow.

Smaller Morioworm Superworm Breeding Colony Kit For Chickens Garden Birds ect