Kit Includes:

1-Real Log Backed Custom Vivarium With Fitted Lid



1- Small Bio Active Vivarium Kit


Product Description:

This product is a custom made invertibrate vivarium that is stron and sturdy, suitable for most invertabrates. Made from glass and wood with a srtong fibreglass mesh for the fitted lid.


Designed and manufactured 100% buy HGI this product is the highest grade invertibrate vivarium avalibe on the market today with our competitors only selling cheap platic tubs or oversized overpriced glass vivariums!


About The Kit:

This kit includes every thing you need to set up and maintain a unique custom vivarium that makes a entertaing decorative feature that sits nice on a computer desk, book shelf or mantlepice.


The vivarum is easy to set up and cusomize to your likeing with meshed sides, fitted lid and sturdy construction that is built to last a vast varity of insects will thrive in the envioroment with grate airflow.


Trade price avalibe for pet shops and resellers!


Small Invertebrate Vivarium With Custom Real Log Background