Grow your own fruit beetles with this kit!

The kit is complete with every thing you need to start your own bioactive fruit beetle vivarium includeing a small pot of springtails and some decorations. Bioactive set ups are easy to maintain as the springtails will breakdown any insect waste into plant fertilzer that any plants you put in the kit will use keeping the vivarum clean and fresh without any cleaning.


Just add your own live plants to create a complete bioactive set up. If you want to breed the beetles in this kit add a heat mat for faster results.


Kit Includes:

1- Small Vivarium 18L 12W 14H

8- Fruit Beetle Grubs

1- Clay for hides and food bowls

1- tweezers

1- bag of sterile coco fibre

1- spray bottle to maintain moisture

1- pair of gloves

1- bag of random decorations

1- small pot of springtails


About The Insect:

fruit beetles are one of the most commonly kept beetls, they are slow moveing and colorfull to look at. The grubs are fed to reptiles and birds as well as small mamels such as rats as treats.


The diet of this insect is fruit as there name suggests, they like to eat banana and grapes and will do fine with a diet of mostly banana.


The grubs are white and faty. After feeding the grubs for a week or 2 they will start to create protective cocons out of soil and pupa into a beetle. it takes around 2 weeks for a beetle to hatch from its cocons. You can break up the cocon carefully to watch the process.


They are safe to handle.



To mainten a bio active kit is easy, just add food and spray water with the spray bottle provided every few days, The springtails and plants you add will keep the vivarium clean and fresh.


This vivarium looks great on a computer desk and is a fun unique gift!

Small Fruit Beetle Grub Starter Kit