Insect Details:This kit includes live mealworms, pupa and beetles to start your colony. The insects are well packaged and can survive more than 4 weeks in travel! (ETA uk mainland:1 working day after postage). You will make your money back from this kit in mealworms within 3 months and save much time and hassle as well as haveing a fun easy to use product that is a big hit with kids and older people alike! Pandemic Proof Your Pets Food Supply:No more stress of going to pet stores or fishing shops just to find out they have no mealworms or live bait! produce your own with this kit and save money and time! About The Kit:This unit has 3 large draws, each large draw is about the 6+ times the size of the smaller silver kits draws that im selling and can hold around 7,500+ beetles in the main meshed draw with each femail beetle laying around 500 eggs over around 8 weeks and can live longer than a year laying eggs if kept in a suitable enviroment. You can produce ALOT of mealworms in a small area with this kit.Many of our customers have had amazing results with our mealworm breeding kits attracting wild birds to nest in there gardens and even eat out of there hands due to the valueable supply of protine and fat live mealworms provide!. You will attract many more birds with live mealworms vs bird seed! How to use:The kit will come complete with every thing you need to start your mealworm colony and get your first 1500 beetles producing mealworms. The kit is designed with a meshed draw above an unmeshed draw that eggs layed in the meshed draw fall into and hatch keeping lava and beetles separate. When some of the mealworm larvae that have hached become a bit bigger you can then take out the draw and pour the continence in the smaller draw to keep  mealworm eggs from being eaten by big lava. keep beetles in the meshed draw and mealworms (the lava) in the not meshed draws Kit Details:1- Large Draw 3 tier breeding tower1kg- of clay (Please see blog on website for ideas on using clay)1kg- of wheat bran for sub straight/food1500-  Mealworms50- Beetles100-Pupa4- Pair of gloves2- Tweezers1-Info and care booklet Product Description:This is a high quality 3 tier mealworm breeding tower with 3 large draws perfect for producing your own feeder insects to save money and breed very small insects for many different reptiles and invertebrates as well as live fishing bait. The Insects you produce yorself will be far superior to the insects found in pet shops small and large as insects are genrally not treated well by the producer or the sellers, no more smelly half dead starved/dehydrated insects from pet stores with this kit! You can produce alot of meal worms and beetles with this kit as it is big enoth to hold well over 5000 beetles with out over crowding due to the small size of the beeltes combined with HGI's custom  design. Each female will lay upto 75+ eggs a week liveing up to 2 years! if you have 500 female beetles laying say 250 eggs over 8 weeks that is 125,000 eggs! Kit Design:This mealworm tower is made from plastic that the insects cannot climb and has 3 tiers. The top trey is meshed to sort the worms/eggs from the beetles automatically. This is important as the beetles can eat the eggs. The eggs will fall threw the mesh and hach in the lower draw allowing you to easily gather mealworms to be fed.The insects will not escape from this farm due the design and the insects inability to climb plastic. Key Features:-Save time and effort going to stores weekly for livefood/ baits -Very little to no smell -Durable compact design-Saves money on feeding pets -Healthy nutritious live food for your pets -Have easy access to the right size insect’s -Selectively breed your own mealworms for bigger/smaller worms-Fun and educational-Entertainment from observing and feeding the insects-Self sorting-Low maintenance Directions for use:Simply put a good layer of Bran (included) with some slices of cucumber/tomato/potato/carrot for moisture into the middle trey with meshed bottom and then add the Darkling beetles when they hatch. The eggs layed by the beetles will fall threw the mesh and hatch in the lower trey.Darkling beetles can live for up to 8 weeks and lay 100s of eggs.Add the mealworms to the middle trey with some oats and slices of cucumber/tomato/potato/carrot for moisture. The mealworms will pupae and hatch into beetles with a week or 2. mealworm eggs will hatch and grow to full size in around 4 weeks if kept at room temperature (optimal is 26-30oc, room temp is around 21oc) and given a good diet (please see website blog and mealworm insectpedia page for diet info).Add the pupa (They look like white aliens) to the bottom bin. Pupa cannot move(apart from wiggle) or eat. After about 10 days the pupa will hatch into beetles and can then be transferred to the top trey to begin breeding and laying eggs. Maintance:Cleaning the colony is easy and hassle free just pour the continence of one of the treys into a bag and sieve away the frass. You may also sieve away small mealworms and eggs so i would recommend rotating the 2 bottom treys and sieving every 3 weeks giving time for the eggs to hatch and mealworms to grow big enoth not to fall threw the sieve. Or you could sieve the eggs and mealworm hachlings with the frass and use another method to separate them.Beetles, pupa and mealworms are all safe to handle and consume by pets or even humans!

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