Insect Details:

This kit includes live Dubia Cockroaches to start your colony. The mealworms are well packaged and can survive more than 4 weeks in travel! (ETA uk mainland:3-5 working days).


Dubia cockroaches are a common nutritious feeder insect for many reptiles fish birds and mammals. High in Fat Calcium and Protein This insect is a grate feeder insect that douse not need to be dipped in calcium powder and has a soft exoskeleton that is easy for your pet to digest!.


Dubia cockroaches are also one of the easiest cleanest insect to keep producing little smell and breeding live woodlouse sized nymphs every 60 days if the temperature is right.


This spices of roach is not considered a pest spices and cannot breed outside the vivarium due to wrong temperature. room temp is 22oc and these roaches need 28oc


Dubia Cockroaches like a temperature of 28-34oc for best results (heat lamp and mat included)


Kit Details:

1-Custom breeding vivarium and climbing/surface area platform
1- Bag oats for food
24- Dubia Cockroaches
1- Pair of gloves
1- Tweezers

1-Custom tower feature

1-Spray bottle

1-Heat mat

1-Heat bulb

3-cups for capturing roaches and or food bowls

1-trey for easy cleaning
1-Info and care booklet


Product Description:

This is a high quality custom made Dubia roach breeding vivarium designed 100% for breeding roaches. The vivarium comes with built in heat bulb and heat mat to keep temperatures optimum.


The Vivarium is meshed on all sides and bottom with a built in trey to collect any waste for easy maintenance.


The vivarium is wide with a custom climbing feature to maximize the surface area for your roaches.

The vivarium is meshed with strong fibreglass mesh as with the lid for best possible air flow with 100% guaranteed security!


Dubia Cockroaches very clean insects with almost no smell!


Key Features:

-100% Customised for breeding cockroaches


-Built in heat bulb


-Heat mat

-Saves money on feeding pets


-Make money selling excesses insects on ebay!


-Healthy nutritious live food for your pets


-Have easy access to the right size insect’s


-Selectively breed your own roaches for bigger/smaller roaches

-Fun and educational

-Entertainment from observing and feeding the insects

-No smell

-Low maintenance


-100% safe


Directions for use:
To set up your kit you will fist need connect the heat light and heat mat and add the climbing platform. The climbing feature is in 2 bits for ease of access. you can set up your vivarium how you would like it with egg crates ect or even add logs rocks ect for decoration.



In the wild cockroaches are mainly scavengers eating fallen leaves animal and plant waste seeds nuts ect, in captivity they are fed oats fruit and vegetables.


When breeding dubia roaches to feed to your pets it is important to give them a nutritious diet rich in protein and calcium so they can grow and breed as fast as possible. I would recommend a base of dry dog food supplemented with watercress as its 13% calcium by weight as well as feeding dry milk and or dry egg powder, also feed moisture rich fruit and Vegetables such as grapes cucumbers ect. This diet will supply your roaches all the nutrition they need to be healthy.


Breeding Information

Breeding Dubia cockroaches is easy and safe with very little smell, they are harmless and carry no disease.


The most important part of breeding the roaches is making sure the temperature does not drop below 20°c or so at night or they won’t breed very well, you can set the included timer to turn the heat lamp on in the evening and overnight to keep them warm.


As long as the temperature and diet is ok they will breed very fast with each female giving birth to around 40 roaches every month or so! 


Quick Facts

  • Adult Male cockroaches have wings but cannot fly
  • Nymphs are born live the size of woodlouse
  • They breed every 30 days or so at 26°c to 28°c
  • Dubia cockroaches are harmless
  • They live for up to 2 years!
  • They are more nutritious than crickets and locusts

Dubia roach kit