This Kit Includes:
1-large 3 drawer unit
-100 medium dubia roaches
-1 mini usb vacumme cleaner to clean the kit
-1 heat mat for warmth
-clay to make food/water bowls and hides
-wheat bran for food
-2 tweezers
-2 pars of gloves

This is a dubia cockroch starter kit complete with 100 dubia roaches and every thingyou need to start and grow your colony.

Dubia roaches need to be kept at 24oc minimum to breed andare best kept at 28oc. This kit comes with a heat mat to keep them warm so they breed at good rates.

Every adult female will give birth to 20 to 40 live nymphs every 30 to 40 days if keptat 26 degrees celcius and sooner if kept warmer. The breeding range of dubia roaches is 24 to 34 oc. They will not breed under 24oc.

The kit come with a mini vacumme cleaner so you can easily vacumme up the waste and clean the drawers without removeing the roaches.

You can use bran as a substraight or none  for easyer cleaning.

I will be adding more pic and blogs with infographics asap!

Dubia Roach Breeding Colony Starter Kit Set Up For Bearded Dragon Chickens