Please note: there is no instruction booklet yet but it is comming asap.

This Kit Includes:
1-large 3 drawer unit with fitted lids for each drawer, with fine meshed hatching drawer
-100s of young crickets
-1 mini usb vacumme cleaner to clean the kit (usb plug not included, can use phone charger)
-1 heat mat for warmth
-1.5kg clay to make food/water bowls and hides
-2kg wheat bran for food
-2 tweezers
-2 pars of gloves

This kit is a complete cricket breeding set up allowing you to save time and money produceing healthy clean live food for your pets and wild birds and animals.

Each trey is made with a secure fitted lid and comes with clay so you can make your own low profile hides for them as they hop.

With this kit you can take the hassle and mess out of cricket breeding! Simply make or use low profile hides for them and use the usb vacumme provided to clean up there mess!

The lowest trey is designed to be filled with soil so female crickets can be moved into the lower trey to lay there eggs and then be moved back into the top drawer.

Place some females in the lower trey after they have mated so they can lay eggs in the soil. Once pin heads hatch let them grow a little bit and then move them up a drawer to grow.

The kit comes with a mini vacumme cleaner so you can easily vacumme up the waste and clean the drawers without removeing the crickets.

Cricket Breeding Colony Starter Kit For Reptiles Fish Garden Birds Chickens