In the pictured vivarium is over 50 roaches! This vivarium can hold up to 120 insects or more. I recommend keeping the females and feeding most of the males for maximumproductivity.


This type of set up is perfect for keeping roaches fresh alive and healthy before feeding to your pets vs the small dirty tubs they come in.


The kit is complete with everyting you need to start your own bioactive Dubia Roach colony vivarium includeing a small pot of springtails and some decorations. Bioactive set ups are easy to maintain as the springtails will breakdown any insect waste into plant fertilzer that any plants you put in the kit will use keeping the vivarum clean and fresh without any cleaning.


Just add your own live plants to create a complete bioactive set up. If you want to breed the Dubia Roaches in this kit add a heat mat as they need heat to breed. keeping them ontop of a heated reptile vivarium will work fine well.


Kit Includes:

1- Small Vivarium 23L 16W 17H

30- Dubia Roaches

1- Clay for hides and food bowls

1- Tweezers

1- Bag of wheat bran

1- Bag of sterile coco fibre

1- Spray bottle to maintain moisture

1- Pair of gloves

1- Bag of random decorations

1- Small pot of springtails


About Dubia Roaches:

Dubia cockroaches are common in the pet industry due to there high nutritional value, ease of keeping, no noise and very little smell. They are not a pest spices and will not breed if they escape. Dubia roaches have more protein and calcium than most of the other feeder insects on the market.


The roaches are about 6cm long when fully grown. Females give birth to live young that are around woodlouse size when born. Females birth 20 to 40 young every 40 to 60 days or so.

In the wild cockroaches are mainly scavengers eating fallen leaves animal and plant waste seeds nuts ect, in captivity they are fed oats fruit and vegetables.


When breeding dubia roaches to feed to your pets it is important to give them a nutritious diet rich in protein and calcium so they can grow and breed as fast as possible. I would recommend a base of dry dog food supplemented with watercress as its 13% calcium by weight as well as feeding dry milk and or dry egg powder, also feed moisture rich fruit and Vegetables such as grapes cucumbers ect. This diet will supply your roaches all the nutrition they need to be healthy.


Quick Facts:
-Adult Male cockroaches have wings but cannot fly
-Nymphs are born live the size of woodlouse 
-They breed every 30 days or so at 26°c to 28°c
-Dubia cockroaches are harmless
-They live for up to 2 years!
-They are more nutritious than crickets and locusts

Breeding Information:
Breeding Dubia cockroaches is easy and safe with very little smell, they are harmless and carry no disease. 


The most important part of breeding the roaches is making sure the temperature does not drop below 20°c or so at night or they won’t breed very well, you can set the included timer to turn the heat lamp on in the evening and overnight to keep them warm.


As long as the temperature and diet is ok they will breed very fast with each female giving birth to around 40 roaches every month or so!  

Bioactive Dubia Cockroach Colony