Please note- the pictures are a preview of what's included in the kit not the quantity included.

Kit is fully customizable, if you want certain stones logs or some different things sand etc I will try and find for you no extra cost.

This kit includes
1-bag of soil/ coco
1-bag of charcoal
1-bag of random leaves
Several-mixed size logs
Several-stones and sticks for decoration
Several-various bits of bambo
1-tub of cleaner Insects (woodlouse,springtails)
1-bag of bar
1-spray bottle
1-pair of gloves

This kit comes with everything you need to make a bioactive set up excluding the vivarium/ tub and live plants.

Bioactive set ups are clean maintenance free and fresh smelling because they are a complete ecosystem with cleaner insects processing pet waste and the plants keeping air fresh no maintenance is needed once the set up is established.

The charcoal is for a bottom drainage layer and will pull some moisture out of the soil stopping the soil getting saturated with water, this keeps mould from developing as easy and keeps the soil and plants healthy.

A layer of dead leaves on top of the soil will trap moisture stopping the vivarium getting to humid and forming water droplets on the vivarium glass/ plastic which dirtys the glass and obscures the view. It will also stop the vivarium from drying out and you won't need to mist every day.

Bio Active Vivarium Decoration Kit