Kit includes:

1-Custom made vivarium with fitted lid and real log or bamboo background

1-Bio active kit 1:

1-Heat mat

1-Bag of soil/ coco
1-Bag of charcoal
1-Bag of random leaves
Several-mixed size logs
Several-stones and sticks for decoration
Several-various bits of bamboo
1-Tub of cleaner Insects (woodlouse,springtails)
1-Bag of bar
1-Spray bottle
1-Pair of gloves

1- Scorpion

1-Tub of feeder insects

Every thing you need to set up and maintain the kit will be included.


About The Kit:

This kit includes every thing you need to set up and maintain a unique custom vivarium that makes a entertaining decorative feature that sits nice on a computer desk, book shelf or mantelpiece.


The vivarium is easy to set up and customize to your liking with a real log background and fitted lid and sturdy construction that is built to last a vast variety of insects will thrive in the environment with good airflow and sides that most insects including scorpions will not be able to climb!.


Set Up:

Once you have your kit it will take about 15 minutes to set up and you can use the gloves and tweezers provided. Some brave people like to handle tarantulas scorpions ect, if you would like to handle the scorpions it is recommended you start handling them while they are young so they can get used to your sent ect. The scorpions venom is harmless but they may (very unlikely) bite and or sting!.


Fist you will want to add a substrate to you vivarium. Add the charcoal to the vivarium first to make a bottom layer. The charcoal will regulate moisture, absorbs toxins and stop the growth of mould.


Second add the coco layer 2 3rds thicker than your charcoal layer. This will form the ground environment your scorpion likes to live on (also your cleaner insects).

Coco fibre hold moisture but not to much and is fibre not soil so it has no bacteria or mould spores eggs ect that you dont want to introduce to your vivarium.


For the 3rd and final layer you can add leaves and bark, you dont have to cover all of the area with this layer or even any at all but it will give the scorpion and cleaner insects small pools of water to drink from after spraying. It also helps regulate moisture.


After that decorate to your liking lightly spray and add your insects!


You now have a basic vivarium set up that will be for the most part self cleaning as the cleaner insects provided will process all scorpion waste.



To maintain the enclose spray once every 2 or 3 days or so to maintain a bit of moisture and add small insects a few times a week or how ever many the scorpion wants to eat, you cannot overfeed as the scorpion will refuse the insect if it is not hungry.


About The Insect:

Chaerilus celebensis

The scorpion is small at the moment as it is young but will stay fairly small as this species of scorpion stays small as a adult. Feed very small insects while growing your scorpion such as pinhead crickets small mealworms ect. My small mealworm breeding kit will be perfect to go along with this scorpion as you can breed your own tiny (not available to buy from stores) mealworms to feed the small scorpion while it grows to maturity.


From wiki:

Chaerilus celebensis also known as the Asian bush scorpion or speckled bush scorpion is a species of scorpion from the family Chaerilidae. It was described in 1894 by Reginald Innes Pocock, using material from Luwu on the island of Sulawesi (Celebes) in Indonesia.[1]Although it has been reported from a number of locations in Southeast Asia, the only reliable records are from Luwu.[1] Specimens are stocky and barely exceed 1.5 inches (38 mm) in length. They rarely sting and their venom is of little or no medical significance.[2] They live in tropical forests, but remain in the soil and mulch, graze on low vegetation and insects and are not capable of climbing vertical surfaces.


There is lots more info on scorpions available on youtube! or if you have any questions please contact me.


Asian Forest Scorpion Starter Kit