This listing is for 500g Nylon Reinforced Clay Or 1.2KG When Purchased With a Kit.

This clay is grate for creating your own food bowls hides and decorations.
The clay is reinforced for strength and can be air dried or baked at 150oc for 20 to 30 mins.
If air dried you can re wet and form the clay after drying.
The 500g block is big enoth to make around 4 good sized food/water bowls.
Why not get creative and make something unique for your vivarium aquarium or cage?
Please see my blog for more clay ideas!
Please see pics for an idea of how much clay you will get, you will get two 500g blocks if ordered with a mealworm kit im selling.

500g Nylon Reinforced Clay Or 1KG When Purchased With a Kit Insect Animal