100 Live darkling beetles. This would be good to kick start your coloney with fresh beetles young.


The Beetles are the 4th and final stage in the mealworms life cycle in wich in undergoes metamorphis from the larva stage (a mealworm) into a fully grown adult beetle that will start laying eggs after 1 week.


When the beetle is a few days old it will start breeding with femail beetles laying at least 500 eggs each over 8 weeks and if well looked after will continue laying eggs and live for over 1 year!. Eggs hatch in as little as 4 days up to 19 days depending on tempriture.


This listing is for 100 Melaworm young beetles Or 150 young beetles When Purchased With a Kit.

This listing is grate for boosting your mealworm colony breeding beetles.

100 darkling beetles / 150 When Purchased With a Kit (Mealworm Darkling Beetles)