Large Meal Worm Breeding Kit

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  • Fast life cycle

  • easy to set up and use

  • no smell

  • easy clean

  • strong mesh for best airflow

  • 100% safe and secure

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About HGI

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High Grade Insects Is a company based out of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

that specializes in supplying home insect breeding kits to supply clean, healthy and very cheap live food for peoples pets including reptiles, chickens, hamsters fish and many more.

  All of HGI's products are 100% custom designed for the specific insect you want to breed with treys to deal with waste, mesh for airflow, heat sources for optimal breeding conditions and many more features.

We are a market leader in our area and have sold 100's of kits and are a fast growing ambitious professional company with many more products to come.


Our Plans

I plan on making this website more than a store with a insectpedia similar to wikipedia but for useful insects only as there's is a estimated 5.5 million insect species alone not counting other invertebrates!

This insectpedia will include a ton of useful information on the keeping life cycle care ect in the form of easy to read pages with lots of infographics pictures videos pdfs and even in the form of HTML5 games custom made by HGI all 100% free and will add charity donation buttons once we have enough good content.

We will also have a forum where people can win free kits and RSPC branded products that support unwanted animals by submitting pics of your HGI insect kit in use overt time and submitting blogposts and insectpedia articles and media.

High Grade Insects has already raised over £400 for the R.S.P.C.A by giving 10% profit of some of our products via ebays charity partnership and will be giving 10% off all profits from our website.

We will add a widget to the website with all our donations view able asap for transparency.

As many of our products use wood we will also donate to the #teamtrees campaign. we will donate $1 per sale that includes wood as $1= 1 tree.

Will add a widget for this asap.

We will also give away charity branded products to random orders and via our forum.