What Is Your Shipping Policy?

We Ship all uk orders via Royal Mail only and Parcel Force who are owned by Royal Mail for larger packages. all orders have tracking that will be sent to you via email. ETA for shipping to uk mainland is 1-3 bussness days. We ship international as far Austraila with a ETA of 14 days. The insects are well packaged and some insects can surive comfortably for up up 6 weeks. please see descriptions before ordering as some incests cannot be sent overseas.

Are Your Insects Safe?

Yes! All our feeder insects are 100% safe for humans and pets to handle and consume and carry no disease or parasites!. Some of our pet insects such as tarantulas and scorpions may bite or sting but this is very unlikely and will not be harmfull apart from a small amount of pain.

Can I Keep Insects In A Garage Or Shead?

Yes! Many of our kits are supplyed with heat mats and or bulbs to keep insects warm. Aslong as you have power you can keep any insect in a out building. If you dont have accses to power you will still beable to keep many insects in a garage or shead but please chek the product descriptions to see what tempriture range is ok for a given insect spices.

How Long Douse It Take To Breed Feeder Insects?

Mealworms: 14 days from egg Crickets: around 14 days from egg Dubia Roaches: 40-50 days live birth