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Dubia Cockroach

Blaptica Dubia

General Information

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Quick Facts

  • Male roches have wings but do not fly, in the wild they are territorial and will fight over territory in trees and on high rocks, the wings are for gliding down to the ground safely when beaten (pushed off the rock or tree branch) by a rival male.

  • Dubia Cockroach females give birth to 20-40 live nymphs

  • Roaches live for up to 2 years.


  • Optimal temperature is 26oc-32oc

Dubia cockroaches are a common nutritious feeder insect for many reptiles fish birds and mammals. High in Fat Calcium and Protein This insect is a grate feeder insect that douse not need to be dipped in calcium powder and has a soft exoskeleton that is easy for your pet to digest!.


Dubia cockroaches are also one of the easiest cleanest insect to keep producing little smell and breeding live woodlouse sized nymphs every 60 days if the temperature is right.


This spices of roach is not considered a pest spices and cannot breed outside the vivarium due to wrong temperature. room temp is 22oc and these roaches need 26oc min


Dubia Cockroaches like a temperature of 26-32oc for best results (heat lamp and mat included)

Files And Media



The diet of a mealworm beetle is wide and varied and they are not fussy eaters requiring a specific diet. Darkling beetle and mealworm diet can be broken down in to 3 sections. Carbohydrates protein and moisture.

Carbohydrates- Bread oats and nuts are recommended as the main source of carbs for the insects. Also feed cucumber, carrots,cabbage and lettuce.

Protein- The most overlooked part of any insect diet is protein. Many insect keepers make the mistake of giving no protein source whatsoever, this mistake leads to cannibalism and egg eating as well as less egg production and laying.

I would recommend dry or wet cat or dog food. If the food is dry it will need to be crushed first. You can also use nuts, soybeans and or egg powder.

Moisture- dubia roaches can get most of there moisture from vegetables. I would recommend cucumber as the best source for this but almost every vegetable can be used but you should avoid citrus and acidic fruits. You should also mist to keep the insects more healthy. Bug gel could also be used but can be expensive. Bug gel will eliminate food molding. you can have a water bowl with dubia roches as they dont drown easily and can float/swim.

Life Cycle

Dubia cockroaches can live up to 2 years and give birth to

live woodlouse sized young called nymphs.

It will take 3-6 months before your nymphs become mature and can breed. If the temperature of there enclosure is lower than optimal (26-32oc) they will grow slower. 

Femail cockroaches can be identified easily as they are wingless, males have wings but cannot fly. After mating femail cockroaches will incubate a egg sack congaing up to 40 cockroach nymphs for around 30 days giving birth to live young.

Female roaches will air out there egg sacks by pushing the egg sack 3/4 out of there abdomen occasionally and the growing cockroaches can be seen.

If the temperature is low or there diet is poor they may abort and eat the egg sack!.

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